Dr. John Butler

PhD (Med Sci., Lond.), MBSH, MBPsS, MA, BA(Hons.), BSc(Hons.), DHP, Dip A.T., CHT, FNRHP
Registered with U.K.C.P., E.A.P., B.A.S., A.C.H.E.

Professional practice

Dr John Butler is a highly regarded hypnotherapist with over 35 years of proven experience as a successful clinical practitioner and over 25 years as a clinical hypnotherapy teacher.He has been a hypnotherapy educator to a wide variety of health professionals including writing and tutoring the first official training in hypnotherapy in the NHS in 1992,teaching at the Royal College of Nursing in London.

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Co-trainer / HTI .

I’m very excited to get to know the students on our training program.  Working as a therapist is a great privilege – your clients invite you into their inner world, to help them when they are stuck or overwhelmed. 

You have the opportunity to make a real difference in their lives, to give them a gift that keeps on giving - the self-awareness and the coping skills that you can teach them, stay with them to help them in the future.

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