Next course dates: 19 - 24 Nov 2018

Venue: Central London 

Cost: £695 includes course materials.

The Medical Hypnotherapy course teaches you powerful hypnotic methods for health benefits, assisting with various psychosomatic problems and for pain management including effective anaesthesia used in invasive surgeries.

You learn the use of hypnotherapy to assist with various physical problems that have psychological roots and to help with problems that are exacerbated by psychological factors, including stressors.  This course teaches advanced methods of pain management, both acute and chronic pain, and the applications of hypnosis in surgical operations, as demonstrated in several films by Dr John Butler, including HypnoSurgery Live, a live demonstration of surgical anaesthesia using hypnosis alone.

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Dr. John Butler PhD (Med Sci., Lond.), MBSH, MBPsS, MA, BA(Hons.), BSc(Hons.), DHP, Dip A.T., CCHT, FNRHP Registered with U.K.C.P., E.A.P., B.A.S., A.C.H.E. Very early in life, I had a strong belief in the idea of a great, untapped potential in human nature. I sensed that there was much in the human mind that was unknown, powerful and very important for human beings to discover and use for more effective living.

This led me to investigate philosophies and systems of self-discovery and self-development in my teenage years. I studied Western and Eastern meditation and various consciousness-expanding methods. I began teaching meditation in Yoga classes in my late teens, teaching large numbers of students for over 10 years, and learned all I could about mind development methods such as meditation and hypnosis and studying various traditional healing systems of West and East taught by many teachers.

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HTI is dedicated to providing the best-quality training in hypnotism and hypnotherapy at the most affordable price to as many students as we can teach in the UK and internationally. For us, this is a purpose we are really committed to and not simply high-sounding words.
We walk our talk with the hypnotherapy approach we teach and we have a long history of teaching a highly-effective form of hypnotherapy that has been continuously shown to be effective in medical and dental settings and in the clinical practices of our graduates who work with many different kinds of clients with many different goals and problems, including serious problems. Our Course Director, Dr. John Butler, developed a comprehensive training program having seen the power of real hypnotism first-hand in clinical and other applications carried out by proficient practitioners and in his own work. After studying with many experts and teachers in a wide variety of hypnotherapy trainings, psychotherapy trainings, meditation methods and various mind-power systems, from a very young age, he concluded, as many others before him concluded, that hypnosis, properly understood and practiced, as a mind-expanding and mind-enhancing phenomenon, was the most direct and most effective way to tap into the undeniable power of the human mind.

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Question: what is hypnotherapy? 

Answer: hypnotherapy is a dynamic therapy that accesses and uses the subconscious process of the mind.

Answer: hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic experience or "trance" in combination with programming suggestions

Answer: hypnotherapy is a holistic therapy that powerfully assists the mind-body healing mechanisms as shown by many research studies.

Answer: hypnotherapy is a powerful, direct approach for performance enhancement and changing unwanted behaviours.

Answer: hypnotherapy is a consciousness-expanding approach for personal development in which the client retains their free will.

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