It’s wonderful to meet the people who come to learn on our program, who are thrilled to work in this field and to gain the skills they need.The knowledge and skills base of modern hypnotherapy has been created over more than two centuries of ground-breaking work by exceptional people, each of whom has left a legacy for us to draw on today. The list is long, and for the content of our program, we have selected what is in our opinion the best of the best, refined and adapted to modern society.

Learning is one of my favourite things to do, and I have had a wonderful time studying this fascinating field.  Among my academic and therapy qualifications I have a degree in psychology (1st class honours) and a post-graduate training in constructivist psychotherapy.I am also an Autogenic Trainer and my studies in hypnotherapy include training with Gil Boyne, whose dazzling hypnotherapy skills and encyclopaedic knowledge were, and remain, an inspiration.

Therapy work is intensive and interpersonal – the most important things I’ve learned have been from observing and interacting with inspiring people, some of them my teachers who have dedicated their lives to this work and were generous in passing on their knowledge, and many of them clients whose courage and commitment in the face of their problems has been moving and awe-inspiring. I hope in my turn to pass on to our students what I’ve been privileged to learn, so that you in your turn will experience the excitement and deep reward of seeing your clients take what you’ve given them and use it to transform their lives.